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Product Sourced from our Project location Farm tracebility Conventional Offer Pesticide free offer
Nutmeg Yes/Traded Y/N Y/N Y/N
Nutmeg ABCD
Nutmeg ABC
Nutmeg Broken/Chips
Nutmeg with shell
Mace whole flower
Mace Broken flower for grinding
Nurmeg Chips with afla free Guaranteed
Mace flower with afla free Guaranteed
Green Cardamom Yes/Traded Y/N Y/N Y/N
Allepy Green Extra Bold
Allepy Green Bold
Mini Bold
Pan Masala Grade
Cleaned Seed ( With out Husk)
Cardamom Husk
Clove – Indian Yes/Traded Y/N Y/N Y/N
Headless less than 5%
Clove Grinding Grade
Clove stems
Cinnamon – Indian Yes/Traded Y/N Y/N Y/N
Whole Grade
Broken/chips for Grinding