About SEED Agritech

The agricultural industry is undoubtedly the largest sector in India contributing close to 17% towards the GDP of the country. But this sector is fabricated into a very complex supply chain, where the farmer and consumer are at the far end of the supply chain. The model neither benefits a farmer or the end consumer, but the middlemen. Ultimately the farmer is not getting a better return for his product and the consumer is not getting a quality product for what he is paying. The solution is to cut short the complexity of the supply chain roots by avoiding the involvement of middlemen to a minimal extent possible. The ideal scenario should be to bring the farmers and consumers to a common platform where the “quality produce gets paid of”.

As a team of professionals with a real-time experience, we have realized the stumbling blocks within the agricultural industry. With a vision to bridge the gap between farmers and consumers we have established SEED Agritech – A firm which was set up with the objective of Social, Environmental and Economic Development empowering the farming community by eradicating the middlemen and directly sourcing the produce from the farmers and giving them a global opportunity for marketing theirs produces, as well as making sure that the consumer gets quality product.

Key Focus