All about starting good agricultural practices

An Overview on Good Agricultural Practices

GAPs, Good Agricultural Practices are the sustainable way of producing wholesome fruits and vegetables that contribute to the good health of human beings. The main aim of GAPs is to provide efficient logical guidance for exercising the best environmental management practices that eliminate the risks of contamination in fruits and vegetables. Good Agricultural Practices give insights into various techniques of farming like manure use and the quality of water used throughout the farming process to produce organic and pesticide residue screened fruits, vegetables, spices, pulses, grains, etc.

Objectives of Good Agricultural Practices

The primary objective of Good Agricultural Practices is to minimize food safety hazards associated with the production and harvesting of food products. To establish a healthier approach in farming, there are some key elements that are to be considered with high priority. Let us discuss the significant areas where the techniques of GAPs are to be integrated.

1.    Assessment of Potential Risks

2.    Field and equipment sanitation

3.    Proper employee education and effective communication among the group.