The changing face of agriculture-now & future technologies

Agriculture is the most important sector and throughout years, there has been tremendous growth in this field. The agricultural community is also growing year by year. The phase of agriculture is growing and will keep growing for the next hundred years; innovations blowing up the traditional means and reaping higher yields.

Technologies in Agriculture

The current technology in India for agriculture includes cultivators, broadcast seeders, disc rotators, water sprinklers, sensors, agro-machine manufacturers, agrochemicals, bio- fertilizers, etc.

The future technologies of Agriculture in India Includes Artificial Intelligence (Predictive Agricultural Analysis, Supply Chain Efficiencies, Agricultural Product Grading )and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The current agricultural scenario is widely different from what it was 20 years ago. In the next 10 years, India will witness major growth in the agricultural sector due to the innovation in science and technology. The implementation of the growing technology will also benefit the farming community.