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The changing face of agriculture-now & future technologies

Agriculture is the most important sector and throughout years, there has been tremendous growth in this field. The agricultural community is also growing year by year. The phase of agriculture is growing and will keep growing for the next hundred years; innovations blowing up the traditional means and reaping higher yields. Technologies in Agriculture The […]

All about starting good agricultural practices

An Overview on Good Agricultural Practices GAPs, Good Agricultural Practices are the sustainable way of producing wholesome fruits and vegetables that contribute to the good health of human beings. The main aim of GAPs is to provide efficient logical guidance for exercising the best environmental management practices that eliminate the risks of contamination in fruits […]

Innovation in agriculture and its high-end impacts on the farming communities´╗┐

The farming community is the most important people in the society and the benefits of innovations in agriculture have given them a greater opportunity as well as a better-developed system of working. Innovations The recent years have seen the growth of agriculture with the development and introduction of agricultural techniques and this has not only […]

SEED Agritech – An Organic Initiative

We at Seed Agritech are committed for developing a sustainable supply chain in spices and various agri-commodities, achieved through Social, Environmental and Economical Development of the farming community. We are also working with farmer groups of Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka states. We have a joint venture backward integration operation in seed spices at Central region […]